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Skin Whitening by Fair & Flawless
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Fair Facial Lightening Cream

Skin whitening includes making the skin tone even and lighter without any discolorations or marks. Using our fair facial lightening cream you can lighten facial skin by reducing the melanin production and giving you youthful, glowing and clean skin. You can see incredible results in just 4-6 weeks.

Problems of skin discolorations due to hyper pigmentation or darkened skin due to over exposure to sun can be treated using F&F fair facial lightening cream that lightens skin naturally. Apart from using skin whitening products, you should make sure that you follow a daily skin care regime. The daily beauty care regime must include regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

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Fair facial lightening cream is manufactured using Purified Seawater, lactic acid, glycolic acid, Sepi-white, Licorice Root Extract, Kojic Acid, Mulberry Extract, Shea Butter. It needs to be applied twice daily after cleansing the skin. After regular use, you will see that your skin is bright, smooth and lighter like never before. It also moisturizes your skin and makes your complexion completely flawless.

F&F fair facial lightening cream is non-chemical skin lightener and is suitable for ethnic skin tones. If you don’t know about your skin tone, please refer our Skin Tone Reference Catalogue.

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