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Facial Rejuvenating & Whitening Fluid -50ML
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Item#:  ff120
Weight:  1 ounces
Price:  US $75.99

The Ultimate Face Whiten & Rejuvenating Fluid.

  • 85% of users felt their skin was perfectly luminous.
  • 82% of users felt their skin was astonishingly even.
  • 91% of users felt their skin was lighter in 14 days



Average Rating: 
  based on 8 Customer Reviews

Review On Jul 2, 2014 by Anonymous of New York, NY
Title: Absolutely wonderful
Comments: I absolutely love this Rejuvenating fluid. I purchased it to get my golden brown complexion back after getting sunburned while on vacation. Within 3 weeks, my face was clear and bright again. I will continue to order this little magic potion for as long as I can. Although it's a bit expensive. I will stick to Fair and Flawless. Now my confidence is way up right in time for the summer. Thank you Fair and Flawless.

Review On May 11, 2010 by HOPE W of NEW YORK, NY
Feedback Date: May 7, 2010
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Product Name: Facial Rejuvenating & Whitening Fluid -50ML
Product SKU: ff120
Subject: This fluid is fabulous
Comments: FACIAL rejuvenating fluid is great. It works wonders in 7 days this product clear all darks spot evened out my complexion. I''m in the processing of ordering more. this products is fantastic!!! I love it I used this product with the mineral cream & facial lightening cream.. I DON''T HAVE TO WEAR MAKEOVER MY FACE IS BEAUTIFUL AND EVENly TONED now..

Review On Dec 30, 2009 by Nee Cee of Middletown, DE

Feedback Date: Dec 27, 2009
Customer Name: Nee Cee
Customer E-Mail:
Product Name: Facial Rejuvenating & Whitening Fluid -50ML
Product SKU: ff120
Subject: The BEST Products EVER!!!
Comments: I just ordered the entire FF bundle pack which included everything you need to get your skin clear and flawless. The rejuvenating fluid was a free gift and I must say I''ve been using the products for about 9 days now and I had a lot of blotches which were very dark from acne. OH MY GOODNESS my face is looking so much better. Please if you have not tried these products, treat yourself you won''t regret. My skin is looking good after just using for 9 days!!!! when used with the system you will see results within days.

Review On Dec 30, 2009 by Fatima of VICTORIA, AU

Feedback Date: Dec 28, 2009
Customer Name: Fatima
Customer E-Mail:
Product Name: Facial Rejuvenating & Whitening Fluid -50ML
Product SKU: ff120
Subject: Loving it!

Comments: I am east African with naturally medium brown skin. I was searching for a product that will lighten skin as well as fade the acne marks I have on my cheeks. Having tried almost every product under the sun I decided to give the whitening fluid a go. I have been using it for 3 weeks and I absolutely love it. My skin is softer, lighter and even toned. I am a customer for life!!!!

Review On Sep 3, 2009 by Anonymous of Worcester, MA
Title: Whiteheads/ Dullness/Discoloration
Comments: This serum has been the best thing to ever happen to my skin! I was hesitant to try it because of the price. I received a small sample bottle as a gift with my purchase of the soho bar soap and am in love! I have trouble with moderate acne off an on and have some white head around my nose and under my chin. My skin tone was also very uneven and a little rough in some places. I''ve been using skin soho line for several weeks and my skin has been improving. Having used this serum for only 1 week I've seen dramatic results! This is the only new addition to my routine. My acne is less inflamed and skin tone and texture has much improved. If you can afford this, get it. It's so worth it!

Review On Apr 28, 2009 by Anonymous of Patterson, NJ
Title: Great Serum for My Sensitive/Combo Acne Prone Ski

I have been using this serum going on 3 months/1-2 pumps/ 2x a day (still on my first bottle) and I have NO complaints.

I apply this over my face and neck area and it does not irritate my skin nor has it cause any breakouts. I was concerned that the serum might make me break out, but it has not. I still get my occasional time of the month bump here and there but I know that's just my hormones and NOT the product.

This has helped with hydrating my skin without being greasy. It goes on very smooth, I did notice a little peeling effect but nothing to the point where I could not go outside. My skin is soft and soft and about 3 shades lighter. I'm now using t on my hands and stomach area. very good product.

Review On Apr 21, 2009 by R. Singh of reading, PA
Title: Great Product
Comments: I''''m so impressed with this product! It''''s made a huge difference in my skin after one week of using morning & evening. I've used some high-end skin care products & sometimes the hype & cost of some of them is disappointing but this one was different. I have noticeably younger looking skin which continues to improve daily!

Review On Oct 10, 2011 by Elvis of New York, NY
Title: "An Absolute Must for Anyone Concerned With tired dull lack luster & wants whiter skin..."
Comments: "An Absolute Must for Anyone Concerned With tired dull lack luster & wants whiter skin..."

"This rejuvenating serum is an absolute must for anyone who has concerns such about aging and sun damage. It seem to feed drench my skin with moisture - not greasy at all- and in a few days you won't believe your eyes. This skin whitening serum is my first choice - the most vital part to any successful skincare regime."

Elvis R, New York, NY

Licensed Esthetician




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