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Fair & Flawless™ Facial Lightening Cream
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The Next Generation of Spot Correction
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1oz / 30ml
Our Facial Lightening Cream is specially designed for sensitive or irritated skin, working to simultaneously inhibit inflammatory pigmentation and basal pigmentation. With 100% natural moisturizers, it's the next generation of spot correction. Naturally radiant, flawless and luminous skin can be yours.


Place a small amount into your hand or on a soft, clean washcloth. Using light pressure and circular motions, massage over your face and nice, and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Apply twice daily for best effect. The regular strength formula can lighten your skin up to 2-3 shades.


The Facial Lightening Cream contains Sepi-White Msh. Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine, a lipoaminoacid that is a phenylalanine biovector and alpha-MSH antagonist for a toned complexion.

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  based on 27 Customer Reviews

Review On Apr 1, 2014 by Miriam of missouri, TX
Title: 10 Star Product!!!
Comments: Flawless and Fabulous is the mildest way to describe my skin right now. This product works and made my skin even, light, flawless and luminous, not one stitch of powder on my face anymore. I look so pretty and gorgeous when i wake up in the mornings, I feel so much better about myself now that my skin is one even nice clean color, I didnt want to bleach or whiten, just more nice normal like Rihanna/Wendy Williams flawless clean skin color and I got it with this product. Fair and flawless your products do works waaaay better than all the other copycats out there. Thank you thank thank thank you!! xxxx Miriam S.

Review On Oct 12, 2013 by Habib85 of Paterson, NJ

Review On Oct 12, 2013 by Habib85 of Paterson, NJ
Comments: indeed an amazing product. Can't live without it

Review On May 16, 2013 by Anonymous of houston, TX
Title: wow!
Comments: I was very skeptical...did i mention very already? Lol! My first time playing with a lightening cream. I have dark skin from being so active in the sun. As a guy I didn''t care about taking care of my skin until I started getting older and noticed that it wasn''t fitting for me any longer especially when I take pictures and felt embarassed by how dark I was...So this stuff works. I have gotten so many compliments on my skin and people attribute it to me drinking a lot of water and skin cleansing. I am on a second jar of maintenance cream. Please just give it a try. A little pricey but WELL WORTH THE RESULTS!

Review On Jan 1, 2013 by Anonymous
Title: great
Comments: Great product. Amazing results

Review On Dec 19, 2012 by Anonymous of New York
Title: Two Questions?
Comments: Feedback Date: Oct 12, 2013
Customer Name:
Customer E-Mail:
Product Name: Fair & Flawless™ Facial Lightening Cream
Product SKU: 1020

Review On Dec 19, 2012 by Anonymous of New York
Title: Two Questions?
Comments: I am reading some really great reviews, but at what strengths are these reviews for? Also, I have AA oily skin, non-sensitive, which strength would be best? Thank you.

Review On Jun 2, 2012 by Anonymous of La, CA
Title: Facial Cream
Comments: Good product

Review On Feb 6, 2012 by Anonymous of Arlingtom, VA
Title: Facial lightining cream
Comments: So glad the old facial lightining cream is back

Review On Oct 9, 2011 by Anonymous of Bronx, NY
Title: Can you make the facial lightening cream like in 2005?
Comments: The facial lightening cream use to work wonderfully.

Review On Mar 23, 2011 by carolyn of indianapolis, IN
Title: lightening cream
Comments: I have been using this product for years with good results. .

Review On Oct 20, 2010 by Kimberly of Dallas, TX
Title: Simply Beautiful!
Comments: This is the first product I purchased from F&F and I must say, I am in LOVE with this line of products! This cream is amazing! I have been using it for two weeks, along with the Brightening Fluid (at night) and my skin already appears a shade lighter! It makes my skin sooo soft and I have a natural glow. Before this, I was using Nadinola for years and was searching for a natural alternative to hydroquinone. I am so glad that I found these products, now I can kiss HQ goodbye! I will be purchasing more really soon!

Review On Dec 22, 2009 by Ray T of Drayton Valley
Title: amazing product

Feedback Date: Aug 30, 2009
Customer Name: Ray T- AB Canada
Customer E-Mail- Private

Product Name: Fair & Flawless™ Facial Lightening Cream
Product SKU: 1020

Comments: In fairness to the people that puts this product down, they are absolutely wrong! This product is real and am loving the result!

Review On Dec 22, 2009 by Fatima of Australia
Title: FnF lightening cream
Comments: I am an African Australian with medium brown skin. I have dark acne scars on my cheeks and have tired so many different products to try and clear them up. I bought the lightening cream and cleanser about 3 weeks ago and have been using it every day. I''ve been pleasently surprised by the results. My skin is clearer and super soft. My scars havent completly gone but im hopeful that with continued use it will improve further. Thanks FnF.

Review On Oct 25, 2009 by Anonymous of SF, CA
Title: fair and flawless facial lightening cream
Comments: This product had me completely sold from the second day of use. I wasn't instantly lighter but there was a clear difference in my skin. After a week my skin had this luminous porcelain finish , it was amazing.

Review On Oct 16, 2009 by Kimberly Person of Addison, TX
Title: Great Products
Comments: 12/17/2008
Hello, I have been a consumer of yours for years and I love your products. I generally tend to purchase the facial lightening cream and my last purchase I tried the soho facial lightening cream. Great products!!!! I was curious to know if after you make so many purchases if your able to receive I discount on 1 of your orders. If not do you have any coupons or specials on these two products? Please respond at your nearest convenience and again thank you for making such wonderful products!

Kimberly Person

Review On Oct 3, 2009 by Aaron of Tampa, FL
Title: Best Results
Comments: I just received my third order of this cream today. This product is just smashing,beautiful and works MIRACLES. This is one of the most effective spot treatments I have purchased in a long time. I know great quality when I see it. I purchased other high end skin lighteners before and fair and flawless spot eraser is the best. I guess when u are not custom to quality stuff u don t know what to expect when u see quality. This skin lightener is just BEAUTIFUL and works very well. I constantly get ompliments.

Review On Sep 12, 2009 by Heather of Saint Albans, NY
Title: Works fast excellent products

Review On May 26, 2009 by Mrs. Reeves of Jackson, MS
Title: Wonderful Skin Cream!!!!!!!!!
Comments: I have been using this skin cream for a month. I love it, the cream lightened my skin and gave my skin a beautiful tone. I will be ordering the whole F&F product line today, and continue purchasing it for life!!!! THanks Anne

Review On May 17, 2009 by Anonymous of Ft. Myers, FL
Title: I love, can''t be without this!
Comments: This is the only cream ''safe'' bleaching cream that works for me. The ONLY one. I tried the other brand (comparable price, comparable claims) and it failed miserably at delivering the radiant, bright, light skin that Fair and Flawless gives me. I don''t even use this everyday because it works so quick and I use it to get to the tone I want and just maintain it by putting it on every other day or so. I will always use F&F. Unless they drastically change, I will be a always be a customer.

Review On Mar 3, 2009 by PrincessC of Newark, NJ
Title: Flawless skin indeed!
Comments: I have been using this cream (along with several other F&F and Skin Soho body products) for 2 weeks and 6 days and I love it!!! My very critical neighbor was amazed by my brighter facial skin complexion after 3 days of product use. I had also purchased the F&F Daily Facial Resurfacing Cleanser for my oily, fat pores, acne prone skin and my goodness!!! My pores and so tiny now, my skin is as smooth as a baby...the previous damage I did to my skin by popping pimples is now repaired. I look like I just had a facial (everyday!) and what makes it even better is that when I wear make-up, my skin looks like a million bucks! Thank you Fair and Flawless. You are a God-sent!

Review On Aug 30, 2008 by duane of mcdonough, GA
Title: Skin Lightener
Comments: I have used this product for only 3 weeks and I can see a huge difference in my face getting lighter. I have used other products before and they have NEVER given results like this nor this fast. I will now start using the body lightening system. I am now a customer for life !

Thanks Fair & Flawless, you products really works !

Review On Mar 14, 2008 by Nichole Helvy of Pittsburgh, PA
Title: Superb Product!
Comments: I am writing to give a testimonial on your facial lightening cream and extra strength 5x faster lightening gel. They are superb! I have been using them for a little over two weeks and can't believe the results!!!! I have been getting all kind of comments on my skin. Today, I ran into someone I have not seen in months and she walked past me and sat down and then said hello. She said I almost didn't recognize you. As I was leaving the subway, I hear her say to someone wow she must have her makeup on 2 to three shades lighter. hehehe... I haven't even been wearing foundation since I have been using your products. So this comment speaks to the trueness of your products. Thanks so much, I will be ordering again tomorrow. I want to reach another 2 to 3 shades lighter.

Review On Jul 18, 2007 by david of st louis, MO
Title: Skin lightening (ethnic skin)
Comments: wife loved this stuff!!! I at first thought it was a waste of money but her skin looks younger and more beautiful than ever thanks alot fair and flawless. Im sure she'll be a long running customer wit you guys

Review On Dec 6, 2011 by Carie of New Brunswick, NJ
Title: Totally Awesome Product
Comments: Some people just want to look pretty. And for others, they just want to look normal. This product made me look like a normal teenager again. Thank you for sharing this great product.

Review On Dec 18, 2007 by Tabitha
Title: I use this product and it worked miracles...
Comments: I use this product and it worked miracles on my face. It prevents breakouts and has lightened my skin a great deal. I get compliments all the time about my skin!!!

Review On Dec 7, 2007 by Tabitha of Dallas, TX
Title: Love It!
Comments: I use this product is it worked miracles on my face. It prevents breakouts and has lightened my skin a great deal. I get compliments all the time about my skin!!!

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