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Skin Whitening by Fair & Flawless
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Skin Whitening Products

Fair & Flawless™ Facial Lightening Cream
This creamy formula will soothe and smooth as it gently lightens your skin to a level of color that’s just right for you. Our cream contains a unique formulation, Sepi White*, that brings your skin to the tone and color you know was meant to be yours. Use it alone on your face and neck or as part of your daily Skin Soho™ Celebrity Skin System “Fabulous Face” beauty regimen.  
Skin Whitening and Facial Lightening Cream
Skin Soho™ Facial Lightening Parfait
Oohh la la…even the girls from the Champs-Elyseés will be jealous of this one. Save on calories and treat your face with this oh-so-decadent lightening parfait! Lighter than air, our parfait not only corrects those facial imperfections it corrects discoloration of the neck and chest; very effective on erasing blotches and spots from acne, sun damage, and Mother Nature; gently resurfaces the skin ,hydrates, protects non irritating, non greasy with twist of Caribbean breeze caressing your face. So what are you waiting for? Toss that useless tub of butter crème and get a real treat for your face, neck and chest! After all, nothing is sweeter than a perfect complexion.   
Skin Bleaching and Facial Lightening Parfait
Fair & Flawless™ 5xf Body Lightening Gel
Oil free and lightweight, this all-over body gel contains specially formulated Sepiwhite*— 20 times more effective than hydroquinone—but safe to use. Want your legs long, smooth, and creamy colored? Your shoulders to have a uni-color gleem? Get 5xf Body Lightening Gel now. Smooch it all over, and get ready for a color that’ll put you in miniskirts and halter tops faster than you thought possible. FOR BODY USE ONLY. DO NOT APPLY TO FACE.  
Skin Whitening and Body Lightening Gel
Skin Soho™ Soya Lait Lightening Bar
Seven big ounces of the luxury of soy milk, the energy of Vitamin A, and the power of Sepiwhite*. Try it once. You’ll use it forever. Dull, dead skin cells gently wash away to leave skin clean, pure, and pale.  
Soya Lait Lightening Bar
Fair & Flawless™ Body Lightening Cream
One of our best selling products, this cream penetrates deeply into your skin. Sepiwhite*, a unique F&F skin-lightening formulation, pure plant Arbutin and Kojic Acid to lighten your complexion while the action of purified sea water and soy milk dramatically smoothes and softens to produce the sheen and glow your skin deserves.   
Skin Whitening and Body Lightening Cream
Skin Soho™ Colada White Hand & Body Milk
Ready for intense lightening? When just a little won’t do, our super luxurious Colada Lightening Lotion is here! The perfect blend of relaxing colada essence combined with advance lightening properties, our lotion will give you the all-over creamy complexion you crave. You deserve the ultimate in lightening skin care!
Colada White Hand & Body Milk